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Whether or not you attended FSC, you have likely experienced our College in some capacity — through our students, alumni, faculty, or staff — or witnessed our institutional impact throughout Long Island. These experiences represent the FSC brand and affect everyone’s perception of the College.

Some people think of FSC as a career-track college, others see us as another SUNY school, while a growing number appreciate our real-world academic programs. These perceptions are all influenced by past experiences with the FSC brand, but we Rams know there is much more to our College. To authentically communicate who FSC is today and who we are growing into, we wanted a cohesive brand story to build on.

And now, we share that brand story with you.

What makes a meaningful brand?
When you think of a brand, you may think of a name, a logo, or a particular color scheme. And while all these elements add to an organization’s branding, what ultimately defines a brand is how people experience and perceive it.

Why is it important? Serving our community and Long Island in more effective and innovative ways begins with a unified and refined brand. With a sharpened strategic vision, influenced by our brand story, we can better reach prospective students, inspire Ram pride, and strengthen our local economy.

FSC's Brand Story
To better define FSC’s brand, we interviewed hundreds of high school counselors, business leaders, and community members and conducted extensive research with prospects, parents, students, faculty, and alumni. All so we can better tell the FSC story. Inspire Ram pride. Strengthen our local economy. And ultimately, have a consistent answer to what every future student wants to know: “Why Farmingdale?”

Dynamic Programs, Elevated Education, Distinctive Community, and Vibrant Culture are FSC’s four brand pillars, all working together to support our ultimate brand promise: reimagining what's possible. As the world’s changed, we’ve changed with it, evolving from an agricultural college to a leader in technology programs, continually reaching new heights in what our institution and students can accomplish.

Vice President of Development & Alumni Engagement Matthew Colson says, “Thanks to the extensive interview and survey responses from members of our community, we are able to define Farmingdale’s brand story in a way we haven’t before. Now we can authentically show Long Island and the greater metropolitan region who we are as a college and continue to meet our strategic growth goals.”

Making a Positive Impact
This is your reference for what to expect from FSC going forward; use it as a lens through which to view the College. Anticipate even greater things from our campus academically, innovatively, and strategically. Take pride in being a Ram. And stay tuned — because there is so much you don’t yet know about FSC, and we can’t wait to show you.

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