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Three students working at a table together collaborating on a project

Honors Program

The FSC Honors Program is proud to welcome its first cohort of 21 students in fall 2022, spanning each of the College’s four schools. Deeply rooted in FSC’s mission as one of SUNY’s Colleges of Technology, the Honors Program focuses on engaging students outside the classroom. The Honors Program offers high achieving students an opportunity to be part of a dynamic and vibrant academic experience that combines academic rigor inside and outside the classroom while providing access to prestigious scholarships and fellowships. Students will connect with the campus and surrounding communities through service throughout their academic careers.

“I’ve wanted to see this for many years,” said Laura Joseph, Senior Vice President and Provost. “There is a group of students on Long Island who are high-achieving and don’t look at Farmingdale. I’ve been wondering how we can attract them.”

Students in any major can apply to the Honors Program. They will be required to attend the annual luncheon, enroll in various honors seminars, complete mentored research projects, attend conferences, and participate in community service. These activities help to develop well-rounded students who become high performers in the Long Island workforce and are engaged with their local communities. The Honors Program at FSC aligns with FSC’s mission of delivering exceptional academic and applied learning outcomes for Long Island and beyond.

A student in a labcoat conducting cannabis research

Cannabis Production and Management Certificate

Farmingdale is fast becoming a leader in this newly emerging industry. The Cannabis Production and Management Certificate Program is thriving. “We have a full enrollment for the fall,” says Dr. Laura Joseph, Senior Vice President and Provost. “The timing [of the program’s launch] was perfect because it coincided with New York legalizing marijuana possession and use by those 21 and over in September 2021,” she added.

The program will prepare graduates to become growers, budtenders, dispensary staff, product managers, and marketing/sales associates.

Technician sitting on top of a wind turbine

Wind Turbine Technology Certificate

The Wind Turbine Technology Certificate Program prepares students for careers in wind technology. The demand for wind turbine technicians continues to rise, and the skill set of the US workforce has not caught up. By 2030, the United States could generate 20 percent of its energy from wind. This certificate prepares graduates to be job ready in this growing industry.

Two professionals talking and shaking hands

Human Resources Management Certificate

Starting in fall 2022, students and working professionals can complete an 18-credit online program to earn a certificate in Human Resources Management (HRM). The program is designed for those looking to build their skills in areas including recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation, and general business management.

The program is perfect for professionals or students who want to upgrade their skills. The curriculum comprises six three-credit courses, including employment law, leadership and ethics, and an elective. Among the electives are teamwork and team building and organizational behavior. Courses in the HRM Certificate Program may count toward a degree as either required courses or electives.

Two professionals shaking hands

Joint Admissions Programs

FSC has established many joint admissions programs. These programs allow a student to be admitted to both their community college and FSC. Students enrolled at Nassau, Suffolk, or Westchester Community Colleges complete their associate's degrees and then attend Farmingdale to earn their bachelor’s degrees. Farmingdale administrators can track students’ progress at the community college before they arrive at FSC to ensure that a student will receive the necessary resources to graduate successfully. These programs are yet another way FSC is partnering with institutions in the area to help more students graduate.

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Farmingdale is emerging as a SUNY leader in issuing microcredentials. These are credentials that verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and competencies have been achieved. Microcredentials can be offered on campus, online, or in a hybrid format and can be credit or non-credit-bearing. FSC currently offers 17 microcredentials spanning a range of topics, including community and civic engagement, sustainable horticulture, developmental science, financial mathematics, and economic and financial analysis.

“Microcredentials allow employees and students to upskill and showcase a more comprehensive skill set to employers.”

The microcredentials being offered are the foundation of investing in the development of skill-based hiring to boost the Long Island economy. Credit-bearing microcredentials feature clusters of content across several credit-bearing courses that build to a requisite body of knowledge and usually can be applied to a degree program. Non-credit-bearing microcredentials feature regional workforce training to teach current and potential workers the skills needed to help maintain an organization’s competitive edge. In addition, non-credit-bearing microcredentials can be activities outside the classroom, including career development, applied learning, and campus and civic engagement. These co-curricular activities enhance students' career prospects and job readiness.

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