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Student Spotlight

Meet Tunisia Solomon

High achieving student athlete Tunisia Solomon uses her singing to make a difference.

Tunisia Solomon

Tunisia Solomon, Class of '19, is as hard working a student as any on the Farmingdale campus, where she is known from the classroom to the Athletics Department to the residence halls for her dedication, drive and determination. But it is a core principle of hers to share the credit.

"It is by God's grace that I am successful, and I know that from this point on, through working smart, being disciplined and believing in myself, that through faith I can achieve anything." In fact, "Achievement" is Tunisia's middle name – not only at college, but at home, at church and in the community.

She's an applied math major, a regular on the President's List with a near-perfect GPA, a math teaching assistant and tutor, who works in the residence halls. She also plays steel pan in her family's band, volunteers at her church's food pantry, and is a sprinter and triple jumper (and MVP) on the Women's Track & Field team. Her coach, Daniela Georgieva, cannot help but gush about her star athlete.

"Tunisia is a great athlete and competitor, but most importantly she is an amazing person. Her kindness and generosity touch many people's hearts. I'm glad to have been able to see her grow into this amazing person over the last few years."

And as if that wasn't enough, last summer Tunisia stepped way out of her academic comfort zone at an internship at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

"The experience was beyond my expectations," Tunisia says. "I knew that I would be challenged, and that I was out of my realm of experience, but that did not frighten me. Actually, it kindled a fire in me, a fire to achieve and learn new skills."

Her success was no surprise to mathematics professor Dr. Worku Bitew, who recruited Tunisia for a research project that is ongoing.

"Tunisia is a hardworking, well-mannered, responsible, and talented student," he says. "She puts a lot of effort into each class, and always strives to have a clear understanding of the mathematical concepts and procedures discussed in each lesson."

What more can we say about this campus all-star? Well, in addition to playing the steel pan, she is a singer/songwriter working on an album under the name Tee-Tee Solo, and the vocalist who sang the National Anthem at the inauguration of President Nader.

"I cannot express how much of an honor it was to use my God-given talent to share with my friends, family and those fervently working to improve higher education institutions. This day was a blessing and I will never forget the dignity I felt in being a member of the Farmingdale community.That day helped empower me to know that I have a voice, not only to sing beautiful melodies, but to make a difference in my community, empower others and evoke positive change."

It could be said that no stage is too large for Tunisia. And no achievement too small.

Tunisia is a great athlete and competitor, but most importantly she is an amazing person. Her kindness and generosity touches many people's hearts.

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