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Six New Programs Introduced

Staying Relevant

Business Analytics Geographic Information Systems Health Promotion and Wellness Computer Security Technology Nutrition Science Interaction Design

From its pioneering work in environmental sustainability to the cutting-edge technology employed in the classroom, Farmingdale has always been a leader in innovation. FSC’s leadership has never been more apparent than with the announcement of six new degree programs that provide career paths in emerging industries and underscore the College’s critical role in regional economic development.

The new offerings are in high-demand career paths and provide additional curricular options for both prospective and existing students. Launched nearly simultaneously, the sextet of programs—Business Analytics, Computer Security Technology, Nutrition Science, Geographic Information Systems, Health Promotion and Wellness, and Interaction Design—are the result of extensive marketplace research and painstaking development.

Of the six new degree programs, five of them are either the first of their kind in SUNY or exclusive in the Long Island region. They follow the introduction of the College’s first graduate program, Technology Management, which began in fall 2017.

Visit to learn more about these exciting programs.

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